I’m admitted! (Now what?)

Congratulations on your admission to the Nebraska Pre-Vet Program! You may be wondering what happens next. Here are the next steps in your path to becoming a Husker:

  • Visit campus! If you’ve visited Nebraska Pre-Vet before, consider visiting again. You’re always welcome to do so.
  • Communicate with Nebraska Pre-Vet as often as you’d like:
    Email: pre-vet@unl.edu
    Phone: 402-472-8664
  • Check your MyRed Account. This is where announcements and your “To Do” list will appear.
  • Check your email. If you’re using your high school’s (or current college’s) email address, you should change it to an email address that will follow you after you graduate. It’s also possible that your current school email has a very high security setting, making it difficult for Nebraska Pre-Vet to contact you, even with great news.
  • Pay your Enrollment Deposit. This is a $250 deposit that lets Nebraska Pre-Vet know you’re serious about being student in their program. It is also the step that opens the door to all the remaining steps, starting with Housing. By the way, the sooner you pay your Enrollment Deposit, the sooner you hear about these next steps. The final deadline to pay the Enrollment Deposit is May 1.
  • Submit your housing contract. Again, the sooner you submit your housing contract, the more choices you’ll have regarding where you want to live on campus.
  • File your FAFSA. Remember that the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) is available at fafsa.ed.gov. Even if you’re not sure you’ll qualify for aid, it’s a good idea to complete this process. Some scholarships require the FAFSA as part of the awarding criteria.
  • Sign up for New Student Enrollment (NSE). New Student Enrollment is a day you will come to campus (usually during the summer) to enroll in classes. What does that mean? You’ll sit down one-on-one with an academic advisor who will help you select the best classes for your first semester at Nebraska. There is a separate program for your parents or other family members, so they are welcome to come to NSE too. By the way, there is a mail-in NSE option if you’re coming from a distance. However, most students and families find it very helpful to attend NSE in person.
  • Complete the following at least a week before you come to campus on your selected NSE date (instructions will be found in MyRed):
    • Complete your Math Placement Exam (MPE)
    • Complete your Advising Inventory
  • Send final transcripts after your high school graduation and/or your last term at your transfer school is complete.
  • Attend NSE.
  • Move to campus! You’ll move to campus during the week before classes begin. The specific date you’ll move in depends on what programs you’re involved in—be sure to ask at NSE if you have questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to campus and working with you as you prepare for a career in veterinary medicine!