Veterinary technology

What is a vet tech?

A quick review of types of veterinary support personnel:

  • Veterinary assistant: A person who provides assistance to a veterinarian, veterinary technician, technologist or office manager. (May or may not have an associate degree or diploma.)
  • Veterinary technician: A licensed para-professional who provides technical support to veterinarians, biomedical researchers, and other scientists. (Associate degree required.)
  • Veterinary technologist: A professional who provides technical and managerial support at an advanced level. (Bachelor’s degree required.)

A student who wants to become a veterinary technologist at Nebraska must first:

  1. Earn an Associate of Applied Science degree from any AVMA-accredited veterinary technician program (not offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln—start at one of the programs listed below or another accredited program outside Nebraska)
  2. Pass the national veterinary technician certification examination (VTNE) to qualify for licensure in Nebraska
  3. Complete the Bachelor of Science veterinary technology degree requirements

Where can a student get an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nebraska? There are two public schools that offer this degree, and one in western Iowa: